Eterno Ivica complies with EAN international coding system for all its products.

Eterno Ivica complies with EAN international coding system for all its products.

7 mai 2018

Eterno Ivica aligns itself with the international product coding guidelines to satisfy customers and distributors need to allow and improve greater retail sales of its products.

EAN (European Article Number) is a sequence of numbers and a family of barcodes, subject to the specifications of GS1, an international entity that has regulated all article codes so that they are recognizable and traceable all over the world.

The GS1, founded in 1977, is a non-profit association dedicated to the development and implementation of global standards and solutions to increase and improve the efficiency and visibility of the rules of supply and demand through various sectors worldwide.

The EAN/GTIN philosophy (Global Trade Item Number - that is the set of product identifiers used in the exchange of goods developed by GS1) allows for the automatic identification of products and the collection of data.

So, Eterno Ivica has decided to join the GS1 and start a partnership, to allow its customers and distributors to sell their products to the final consumer easier than before.
These new EAN codes will be integrated in our standard labels; in fact, nothing will change in our stock, there will be just this additional information on the label; therefore, there will be a temporary phase in which there will be some boxes without the new additional codes and others with the presence of both codes.

By adopting EAN standards Eterno Ivica has made the product codes more international, to improve and to make coding more flexible and its articles traceable.

Eterno Ivica is once again attentive to the needs of its customers and distributors, ready to get up-to-date, always at the forefront, and willing to constantly improve.

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