Eterno Ivica | The acoustic Silencers Rumor Block

Eterno Ivica | The acoustic Silencers Rumor Block

14 juin 2016

Installation of acoustic Silencers Rumor Block by Eterno Ivica: specialists in solution for sound insulation of facade holes and aeration and ventilation ducts

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Installation of Silencers RUMOR BLOCK


The RUMOR BLOCK facade acoustic silencers for ventilation are made in compliance with the standards of passive acoustic requirements of buildings ( Dn , e, w ) and with the latest UNI CIG 7129/2015.

The RUMOR BLOCK silencers are equipped with a windproof outer grating, while on the inside they have the new lateral air diffuser AIRPLAK, that gives an modern aesthetic touch to the device. The RUMOR BLOCK acoustic silencers ensure the air exchange required by regulations and ensure the best acoustic performance ever.