MATERIALI SPESSORATI • July 14, 2016 • Sassuolo (MO)

MATERIALI SPESSORATI • July 14, 2016 • Sassuolo (MO)

7 juillet 2016

Società Ceramica Italiana organizes the Conference "MATERIALI SPESSORAT"; present Alberto Cocco, who will present "Supports for elevated floor".

On July 14, 2016, at Sassuolo (Modena) c/o Auditorium Confindustria Ceramica (Via Monte Santo, 40-41049 Sassuolo -MO-), Società Ceramica Italiana ( organizes a free participation conference on "The production of ceramic tiles in thick", subject of great topicality and high industrial, technical and commercial interest, the conference will be called "MATERIALI SPESSORATI".

Analyzing the current status of commercial reality and the production of the ceramic industry, you have an overview of how the production of large ultra-low ceramic slabs thickness is an industrial reality established by now, that is various and different applications, but there is also another aspect: the increase in the thickness of the ceramic tile for raised floor and that, as part of the normal production lines, is representing a real technological challenge.

The conference wants to answer questions on which there are questions most frequently: what are the problems, such as the development of the knowledge needed to manage production technology? and what are the risks?

This meeting aims to maintain an open and fruitful dialogue between engineers, manufacturers and users, trying to make a contribution to the understanding of the technology and to establish a discussion and an exchange of ideas for the development of the sector itself.


09.00: Registration

09.30: Opening - P. Zannini – President Soc. Ceramica Italiana

09.45: "Technical and aesthetic development of thick ceramic slabs", B. Spinelli, D. Biserni-SACMI Imola

10.05: "Advanced technologies applied to materials thick", Alessandro Bianchini – Gruppo SITI-B&T; Fabio Vecchi - ANCORA

10.25: "System Solutions for the production of thick", Simone Frontini – SYSTEM

10.45: "Cut and dry grinding on thick materials",  Marco Sichi – BRM

11.05: Coffee break

11.35: "Regulatory and control aspects", Leonardo Sanseverino – Centro Ceramico BO

11.55: "Production and commercialization of ceramic tiles of high thickness", Alessandro Paroli - FLORIM Ceramiche

12.15: "Supports for elevated floors", Alberto Cocco-ETERNO IVICA

12.35: "The production of cementitious slabs", Ing. Isabella Mariotti – MARIOTTI SpA

12.55: Debate

13.20: Buffet