New polypropylene safety grid

New polypropylene safety grid

15 septembre 2021

A new in product that allows to install any type of flooring in total safety

The safety grid is made up of a panel measuring 50 x 50 cm and 4 cm high, produced with black thermoplastic polymer.

This panel has the purpose of creating an outdoor sub-floor, a system to accommodate a variety of surface materials such as, for example, porcelain stoneware, marble or stone, while keeping everything above it safe.

The installation is quick and easy with the use of height-adjustable supports (PRIME®, SE, NM, SB): the grids are placed above the heads and hooked to each other by means of the "dovetail" joints "arranged along the entire perimeter forming a continuous and robust surface.

The system is completed with the use of some important accessories such as the MINI DM spacer without tip or the CR 15 mm cross to create the joints, the LGH leveller to compensate for particular situations, and the perimeter spacers to create the edges.


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