Social Report 2021-2022

Social Report 2021-2022

8 novembre 2022

Publication of Social Report 2021-2022

The official publication of Eterno Ivica's Social Report for the year 2021-2022 is announced.

A certificate that represents company's values, aims and goals.

Our different point of view defines the path we wish to follow toward the reality we desire.

Defining our impact, supporting our stakeholders in the pursuit of optimal solutions are basic steps in our work. We are oriented toward an integrated management system based on: quality - environment - social responsibility and safety.

We are oriented to Increase awareness and promote a new ideal of knowledge and in-depth analysis of our social impact. Our aim is to conduct sustainable and improvement-oriented choices to extend goals to stakeholders, turning them into a common commitment.


For the future, we have defined new goals to pursue:

  1. Evaluation and control of the incidence of electricity consumption,
  2. Monitoring and improving the separate collection of non-hazardous waste,
  3. Ensuring stakeholders' commitment respecting environment,
  4. Promoting the green economy.

The first step for changing is knowing our social and environmental impact.

You can view and download the social report here:

 SOCIAL REPORT 2021-2022