The new Windproof System

The new Windproof System

17 janvier 2019

Eterno Ivica has designed the new Windproof System and launches the new presentation video!

Presented for the first time at the important "Cersaie 2018" exhibition, the new Windproof System is gaining great success among Eterno Ivica customers.

The windproof system is designed to solve the problem of plate lifting caused by the wind in a safe, permanent and economical way. The system is ideal because it firmly attaches the supports and plates to each other. In this way the flooring becomes one with the system and the plates linked to one another, imposing more resistance towards the winds’ sucking power.

Moreover, it is compatible with SE (tilting) and NM series supports using the XL doublematerial windproof head: the XLW head.

This innovative system present many advantages such as:

  • being invisible, the flooring maintains its original aesthetic.
  • Removable, It allows the inspection of the underlying surface with the simple removal of the elements
  • Adjustable. You can still adjust the supports in height, even on the finished floor.
  • It does not require adhesives or screws.
  • it is compatible with any type of plates, planks slats.

But Eterno Ivica proposes more than this!

For an even more complete presentation, in fact, we have created a new video to promote our product..

..Here's the new Windproof System, turn up the volume and press play!

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The new Windproof System
The new Windproof System
The new Windproof System