Eterno Ivica Supports supporting CER-STILE

Eterno Ivica Supports supporting CER-STILE

September 25, 2015

The CER-STILE - Italian Style Concept will be set up in Bologna on the occasion of CERSAIE 2015 - INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF CERAMIC TILE AND BATHROOM FURNISHINGS, from 28th September to 2nd October, 2015.

CER-STILE Bologna 2015


A gallery of over 1,500 square meters will house Italian excellence and a mix of fashion, design, ceramics, style, haute cuisine, sea and mountains; a unique exhibition that takes the visitor on an imaginary, idealized trip from north to south of the peninsula, where vision meets the real-world importance of environmental renewal.

As metaphor of the journey, a rebuilt station—in conceptual form—and a tunnel that seems like it was built for the Orient Express, designed for hosting events and meetings dedicated to visitors and workers.

Eterno Ivica provided 12,000 "Eterno SE" Supports, with self-leveling heads, to support the entire 1,500 square meter area devoted to CER-STILE. The perimeter around the train, inside the reconstructed station at the center of the exhibition, is made entirely of transparent glass plates to showcase the "Eterno SE" Supports.

Eterno Ivica will be at the show with industry-wide premieres from the raised outdoor flooring sector.

Come visit us—Area 44 | Stand 21

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