FAQ Eternoivica

Because of the many benefits it offers. Here are some:
- passage of pipes, mechanical and electrical services in the hidden void;
- absorption of any dilatation, thus eliminating the presence of cracks or crevices;
- reducing the weight added to the building structure;
- quick and easy inspection;
- floor always flat;
- faster construction times at inception;
- faster water flow;
- better thermal and acoustic insulation.


Tiles and / or slats of any material and dimension, provided that they are self-supporting, e.g. porcelain stoneware, marble, concrete, wood, glass, composite materials, etc. 

The structure consists of height-adjustable polypropylene supports in case of tiles or the same supports with wooden or aluminum support bar in case of slats.

Yes, they are suitable for any type of flooring.

Flatness of the working surface, loading capacity, frequency of use, height to be reached (difference between the floor plan and the finished floor height), for this purpose Eterno Ivica offers a complete range of supports from the high-performance model "SE" to models "NM "," SB "," StarT "," EH ".


Bi-material self-leveling tilting head (PP + rubber), adjustment key to achieve millimetre height precision, a structural strengthening design, a series of essential accessories for a perfect workmanship and the materials with which they are built.

Bi-material self-leveling tilting head (PP + rubber), adjustment key and loading capacity.

It is very simple, the height of the support covers the gap between the subfloor and the installation surface.

Eterno Ivica has created a software that is able to provide the height and number of supports needed, just enter some project data and in a moment you will get the result.

Yes, Eterno Ivica is at the forefront of special accessories, essential for a perfect workmanship: clip for vertical closure, perimeter spacer, skirting board, slope compensator.

No, because the continuous flow of water cleans the installation surface. In special cases where the slope is minimal, it is advisable to remove some tiles (with the appropriate lifting handle) and wash with water jet.

All Eterno Ivica products are recognizable thanks to the embossed logo on each item.