September 29, 2015


CERSAIE Bologna 2015 - Eterno Ivica will be at the show with industry-wide premieres from the raised outdoor flooring sector. | STAR.T - ANTI-VENTO - V0


STAR.T - Details that make the difference


supporto star.t

The most important things are often difficult to be seen, they are hidden and become visible only when you realize that it's just a tiny difference that makes at the end the bigger difference.

Outdoor flooring support has never been so thin - it's called STAR.T and it's meant to change the market. It's the most adaptable, especially for renovations, the only one constantly adjustable thanks to the well known adjustment key, the only one adaptable to any kind of tiles. It makes any outdoor project simple, whether you're doing it by yourself or hiring contractors, and it's guaranteed by Eterno Ivica.

Eterno Ivica's new Star.T support can meet even the most demanding “thresholds.” Its compact size makes it a perfect pedestal for renovation. Star.T is adjustable from 8 to 30 mm and it’s compatible with any type of ceramic, concrete, or composite material floor of any size and weight.

The adjustment of Star.T to the millimeter makes it possible to realize elegant and stable floorings, speeding the installation and giving solidity and precision to the entire pavement.

STAR.B is the only extension that fits Star.T, that enables to reach NM1 and SE0 adjustable supports; only one height for a versatile and simple product: it is placed under the Star.T increasing its height by 5mm and with the possibility to add more Star.B on top of eachothers in case of need.

  • Height adjustment with regulation key

  • The thinnest and most adjustable in the world

  • Millimetric regulation from 8 to 30 mm

  • Highly technical

  • Pre-cut tabs

  • The starting point for renovations

  • Possibility to raise of 8 mm with one of the two components, then adding 5 mm extra with Star.B


PEDESTAL WINDPROOF  - Because wind happens


supporto anti-vento

Because of the continuous climate changes, we are used to heavy rains and strong winds; that sometimes can even lift up objects that are not well-secured to our terraces and outdoor areas.

These events, no longer infrequent, force us to  create even more versatile products able to withstand any bad weather hazards: products that are storm proof.

Today Eterno Ivica is pleased to introduce a new line of supports designed to withstand the force of the wind; they are called simply "Windproof," because they resolve the problem of "plate lifting” safely, effectively, and economically.

The system is designed to establish a solid link between plates, supports, and the laying surface: the steel screw adheres inside of the Eterno Ivica support, passing through the plate joints. The plates are linked to the support through a perfectly-designed and sturdy steel ring, while the support base is anchored to an innovative double-sided adhesive butyl sheet that hides a compound designed specifically to adhere to various waterproofing membranes, resulting in a system with an unprecedented wind resistance.

The system is fascinating not only because of its interlocked components, but also because of the reaction that the entire concatenated pavement imposes on the force of the wind, systematically resisting its traction, distributing the wind strength between the tiles and the interconnected supports.





Passive fire protection is the only way to limit fire damage and thus keep people safe.

This is why Eterno Ivica, always dedicated to safety, has developed a range of products with specific self-extinguishing characteristics.

This is how the new lines of SE-V0 and NM-V0 self-extinguishing Pedestal supports were born, the first ones with self-extinguishing raw materials. In case of fire, self-extinguishing Pedestal supports stop the flames from spreading, significantly reducing the smoke fumes when compared to traditional products.