Important news: Pedestal® is born!

Important news: Pedestal® is born!

11 de diciembre de 2020

Eterno Ivica launches the first important novelty of 2021: Pedestal PRIME®

Eterno Ivica starts the new year with an incredible novelty for the Pedestal line. After months of research, analysis and testing we are ready to launch this absolute novelty:

Pedestal PRIME®

We have created a surprising product, reinventing the support for outdoor raised floors. A one-of-a-kind engineering masterpiece that allows you to combine multiple integrated elements to create a single perfect assembly.

With just three products it is possible to reach heights from 30 mm to 420 mm and we have also PATENTED the base with a special shape that allows considerable savings in the installation phase. In fact, a single cut is enough following the pre-incision on the bottom to convert it into a base per corner. It has been designed to ensure safe and optimal water flow. In addition, to facilitate and further speed up the installation phase, two PATENTED "slots" have been provided for attaching the clips.

With this product you can reach crazy heights thanks to the use of the Extension for great heights. In fact, in the case of heights greater than 420 mm it will be possible to insert it between the "integrated extension" and the screw and it is adaptable to the PR3 support.


> Find out more watching the presentation video!