New Video for the PEDESTAL Line

New Video for the PEDESTAL Line

07 de enero de 2019

Eterno Ivica launches a new video to present the range of adjustable supports SE Eterno 

Eterno Ivica is a company in constant growth and evolution.

We believe that an effective communication moving along with new technologies is a very powerful tool to expand our market and make us known nationally and internationally even more.

In particular, we believe that the textual content in web marketing is a great resource, but sometimes not entirely sufficient; to be successful in the competition it is necessary to know how to best use other forms of communication, such as video format.

Eterno Ivica has exploited this resource as an integral and fundamental part of his communication for many years because aware of how powerful this tool can be if used wisely. It is in fact to be considered as a great way to tell, to transmit our brand history and build valid and solid relationships with our customers.

For this reason, after a careful and precise study of graphics, layout and sound, we are happy to show you the latest video creation, created ad hoc for the presentation of the adjustable support Eterno. A perfect combination of technical language and emotional reality that will involve you at 360 °.

You will find the video material directly here at the bottom of the page!

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