OUR NEW Aluminium ECO joist

OUR NEW Aluminium ECO joist

06 de abril de 2023

Eterno Ivica has designed two new joist versions!

Starting from today, there are two NEW versions of our aluminium joist:

Available in two colors: aluminium and black.

A new solution for installing raised floors on aluminium joist: lighter and cheaper.

Designed for laying single and multi-size self-supporting ceramic slabs, ceramic planks and wooden planks (decking), and composite material.

The upper part of the new aluminium ECO hoists has two lanes in which a PVC gasket can be inserted or, alternatively, the anti-noise rubber gasket can be glued, to improve their anti-noise function and, at the same time, keep the slabs or planks spaced from the aluminium joist.

The new ECO joists are designed to be compatible with all our head for aluminium joist and with the full range of our existing joist accessories.

The new catalog dedicated to the world substructures with joists is now available!

Download the catalogue