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Joint  90° Angle
  • Joint  90° Angle

Joint  90° Angle 

The 90° Corner Joint is a related accessory of the vertical perimeter profile.

Available in two colors, silver and anthracite gray, the joint is in aluminum and has standard heights of 30-60-90-120-150 mm.

Necessary for the creation of internal or external corners of terraces, it is essential for closing and finishing the perimeter edges in external raised floors together with the vertical perimeter profile.



Code Type Size Pcs (Box)
P021242030 90°  angle SILVER H 30 mm 1
P021252030 90°  angle ANTRACITE H 30 mm 1
P021242060 90°  angle SILVER H 60 mm 1
P021252060 90°  angle ANTRACITE H 60 mm 1
P021242090 90°  angle SILVER H 90 mm 1
P021252090 90°  angle ANTRACITE H 90 mm 1
P021242120 90°  angle SILVER H 120 mm 1
P021252120 90°  angle ANTRACITE H 120 mm 1
P021242150 90°  angle SILVER H 150 mm 1
P021252150 90°  angle ANTRACITE H 150 mm 1

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