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Lower clip for vertical closure

Lower clip for vertical closure


We designed the vertical clip edge for raised flooring to address a common problem for many types of external flooring: namely, closing the edge in the absence of an outside wall.

The vertical clip edge is an innovative tool allowing you to easily and elegantly close up the outer edge space created by the raised flooring.

A solution made with two special stainless steel clips that, placed over the head and under the base of the Eterno Ivica support, creates a housing with teeth that wedges the floor section according to the size of the space to be filled.

This avoids the sliding of the horizontal plates thanks to the block placed at the end of the floor edge clip.


Code Type Size Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet)
P021000322 Base clip d. 110 - 20 mm 100 -
P021000323 Base clip d. 110 - 30 mm 100 -
P021000324 Base clip d. 110 - 40 mm 100 -
P021000352 Base clip d. 150 - 20 mm 100 -
P021000353 Base clip d. 150 - 30 mm 100 -
P021000354 Base clip d. 150 - 40 mm 100 -


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