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Adjustable Floor Support "BASIC" SB3 (50-80 mm)

Adjustable Floor Support Basic SB3 - from da 50 a 80 mm


The Adjustable Floor Support Basic SB3 has an adjustable height that goes from 50 mm to 80 mm.




  • Precision adjustment from 50 to 80 mm

  • Possibility of adjusting the height by acting directly upon the base

  • Smooth support base of 330 cm2

  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays

  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +80°C

  • Fully recyclable

  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring

Standard tabs are 4 mm thick H 12 mm. Flat head available on request.

Codes refer to type with head with 4 mm thick tabs, H 12 mm.

Adjustable Floor Support "BASIC" SB3 (50-80 mm)


Code Type Size Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet)
E015450080 SB3 50-80 mm 35 1050


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