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Pedestal a prueba de viento
  • Pedestal a prueba de viento
  • Pedestal a prueba de viento
  • Pedestal a prueba de viento

The Windproof System

Eterno Ivica offers a new support's line created specifically to withstand the force of the wind. called "windproof" because linked to a system that can solve the problem of plate lifting caused by the wind in a safe, permanent and economical way.

The system guarantees a solid bond between the flooring plates and the supports, and it consists of metal clips that are inserted into the spacer fins of the supports which, thanks to the particular “T” or “L” shape, block the flooring plates.

In this way the flooring becomes one with the system and the plates which, being linked to one another, impose more resistance towards the winds’ sucking power. The system is compatible with SE (tilting) and NM series supports using the XL double- material windproof head: the XLW head.


· Invisible, the flooring maintains its original aesthetic.

· Removable, it allows for the inspection of the underlying surface with the simple removal of the elements

· Adjustable. You can still adjust the supports in height, even on the finished floor.

· It does not require adhesives or screws.

· Absorbs expansion and structural movements.

· It can also be installed on pre-existing terraces.

· It is compatible with any type of plates, planks, slats.


Código Type Size Pcs (Per Box) Pcs (Per Pallet)
E440030040 SE W 0 30-40 mm 25 1500
E440039052 SE W 1 39,5-52 mm 25 1200
E440052077 SE W 2 52-77 mm 25 1200
E440077122 SE W 3 77-122 mm 25 800
E440122172 SE W 4 122-172 mm 25 600
E440172217 SE W 5 172-217 mm 25 600
E440142232 SE W 6 142-232 mm - -
E440187277 SE W 7 187-277 mm - -
E440207347 SE W 8 237-327 mm - -
E440237327 SE W 9 207-347 mm - -
E440252387 SE W 10 252-387 mm - -
E440302402 SE W 11 302-402 mm - -
E440272457 SE W 12 272-457 mm - -
E440317502 SE W 13 317-502 mm - -
E440367552 SE W 14 367-552 mm - -


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